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EBC 2000 Series Green Stuff Premium Street Pad

EBC 2000 series Green StuffSpecifically formulated for performance braking on the street.  2000 series Green Stuff has a terrific initial brake coefficiency which continues up to 1000F of brake temperature.  This is a low dust, low noise pads designed for lighter vehicles and those with less than 200 horse power.  For higher performance vehicles please look at EBC Red Stuff For street use on your truck or SUV please see EBC Green Stuff 6000 or 7000 series listed below.

EBC 6000 Series 4x4, SUV Light Truck Pads

EBC 6000 series Green StuffThe 6000 series Green Stuff features a slightly lower friction co efficiency than the 2000 series.  They are a great pad for off 4x4 they were designed specifically for off road use.  6000 Series Green Stuff offers better resistance to dirt, dust and sand.

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EBC 7000 Green Stuff Supreme Duty Pads for 4X4 and SUVsEBC 7000 Series Green Stuff

Even though they carry a slight price premium over the 600 series these pads are the ultimate pad for the front of your 4x4 or SUV.  These are a low dust, low noise pad designed to provide long life on your 4x4 or SUV.


For help in choosing the right pads for your vehicle or more info on EBC Green Stuff call 877-525-5233